About Us

Tisshoo & More started as a company mainly manufacturing branded tissue boxes to Agencies & Corporate Companies, to create top-of-mind awareness with an inexpensive and highly useful product.

Owner Caroline Renzulli later expanded the business to reflect her passion for animals and created an aligned company, Paws4Africa, to manufacture Patent 2013/3323 Animal shaped boxes and other animal products. 

Patent Animal Boxes

Paws4Africa Manufactures Patent animal tissue and gift boxes in the shapes of various domestic & wild animals.

Tisshoo & More
Corporate Branded Tissue Boxes & Packs

Tisshoo & More is the Corporate side of the business, focusing on custom branded tissue boxes and tissue packs.

Caroline Renzulli

Caroline Renzulli


Doing & Living your job while designing & creating your passion. 

Caroline Renzulli has her own Tissue Box Business doing branded tissue boxes for clients for more than 10 years.  Her love and passion for animals has got her creating a unique and patented range of animal designer tissue boxes, gift boxes and party boxes.

This Design has earned her the Dreamtrepreneur Top Ten Finalists (Oct 2015), The Gold Medal Award at WODAC (World of Dogs and Cats July 2016) & Margaret Hirsh’s Business Woman of the Month (Oct 2016).